Jamin Thompson

name Jamin Thompson is an internationally recognized fat loss expert, fitness model, sports performance expert, and author of the best selling six pack abs e-book, The 6 Pack Secret www.the6packsecret.com

The Greatest Ab Workout - Unique Ab Workouts For Six Pack Abs

25th February 2010
Many people are under the false impression that they need to spend hours in the gym hammering out hundreds of reps of crunches and sit-ups to get a flat stomach and six pack abs, and just about everyday I go to the gym...I see people doing useless abdomin... Read >

How To Get Six Pack Abs - The Ab Diet Meal Plan

05th January 2010
This is a sample meal plan for a person who is looking to build a little muscle and burn a little fat. The calories and meal times can vary based on your schedule and nourishment needs, but try to munch every 2.5 to 3 hours. Many of us hold wild schedules... Read >

Six Pack Abs Diet - The 10 Commandments

29th December 2009
Maintaining a state of optimal health is essential if you desire to build a better body. If the natural balance of health within the body is thrown off, your fat loss efforts will suffer. Nutrition for fat loss, fitness, and health all go hand in hand. ... Read >